What is Innovative Leicestershire? A 2-minute guide to what we do

December 22, 2023
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What is Innovative Leicestershire?

As a small business owner, you're likely looking out for ways to stay ahead of the game, be more efficient, and increase profits.

That's why you may be interested in Innovative Leicestershire.

We are a multi-agency collaboration that is focused on building an inclusive innovation ecosystem in Leicester and Leicestershire.

Our brand was launched at Leicestershire Innovation Festival 2023 - but its work first started some years earlier.

Our member organisations are currently working together to deliver Leicestershire Innovation Festival 2024.

But what is Innovative Leicestershire? Here's what we are all about - in 3 short steps.

Innovative Leicestershire's Vision

The first step in understanding Innovative Leicestershire is to understand our vision.

Our want to grow the local economy by 5% above the national average.

We aim to do this by encouraging local businesses and communities to become more productive.

This vision is being delivered through a long-term innovation strategy designed to embed innovative thinking and practice in businesses of all sizes in the region.

By doing so, Innovative Leicestershire hopes to increase regional productivity and build local collaboration, growth, and opportunity.

Innovative Leicestershire's Collaboration

Innovative Leicestershire is not a single organisation - it's a collaboration between multiple organisations.

Led by the LLEP Innovation Board, Innovative Leicestershire brings together public, private, education, and third sectors.

We do so with a shared vision of creating and delivering a long-term innovation strategy for the region.

Our approach means Innovative Leicestershire engages with and gain support from a broad range of stakeholders.

Dozens of public, private, and non-profit organisations volunteer their time and expertise to support Innovative Leicestershire.

They are all committed to the shared vision -resulting in increased awareness among local SMEs and corporates.

Innovative Leicestershire's Initiatives

The final step in understanding Innovative Leicestershire is to look at the initiatives and programmes we promotes.

Innovative Leicestershire is supported by the LLEP Business Gateway Growth Hub.

And that means we work on regional small business innovation by organising events such as:

Leicestershire Innovation Festival

LeicestershireLive Innovation Awards

• Other events around the year.

Our events provide opportunities for businesses to showcase their innovative ideas, meet potential investors and customers, and make valuable connections.

Future ambitions include scaling the Leicestershire Innovation Festival, developing a network of Innovation Advocates, and organising year-round innovation events aimed specifically at SMEs in the region.

In summary

Innovation is vital to the success and growth of any business, particularly in today's fast-paced and ever-changing world.

Innovative Leicestershire demonstrates how collaboration and inclusivity can generate productivity, growth and opportunity for both businesses and the wider community.

With a long-term vision, broad range of stakeholders, and several initiatives already in place, Innovative Leicestershire is a fantastic resource for innovative organisations throughout Leicester and Leicestershire.

• Leicestershire Innovation Festival 2024 is supported by Horiba MIRA, Freeths, Novartis, and Exemplas. You can register for events now. Loughborough University, University of Leicester, and De Montfort University are also festival sponsors.

Enter Leicestershire Innovation Awards 2024

Get involved with Innovative Leicestershire

Collaboration is fundamental to achieving our goals. If you are interested in becoming part of what we are doing then there are a host of ways to get involved, from attending an event to relocating your organisation.

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